The chess club is one of the fastest growing extramural activities in Jeffreys Bay Primary.

Chess has a huge impact on the development of the brain, in stimulating the neuron pathways, and helping in improving concentration and self-discipline.

The first year of school chess, saw 3 of our players being selected for the Eastern Province Team, as well as 2 selected as reserves.  The second year of Provincial competition saw this increase to 7 players being selected, and this year a staggering 16 players were selected to represent Eastern Province.

Despite no league being established, our team still managed to win the B-section for 2 years running.

All matches were won in the Sarah Baartman District this year, and our school can boast a Grade R player, who was also selected to Represent Eastern Province.

This goes to show, that you are never too young to learn the skills involved in playing a good game of Chess.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to Tannie Beryl for her hard work, dedication and the manner in which she freely gives of her service, to assist and promote our learners and the chess club.