Caring Kids Club


The “Caring Kids” Club is a service club which provides our young learners the opportunity to develop awareness and knowledge of their community and environment. We aim to encourage our youngsters to be caring, helpful and to show empathy, respect, tolerance and compassion.  We hope to make a positive difference in the lives of others and our environment.

Some or our undertakings last year, included the following:

  • Weekly assistance at the JBay Recycling Project on Monday afternoons.
  • Collection of recyclable goods (plastic bottles, cardboard, e-waste, white paper, bread tags and bottle tops).
  • Clothing drive – we received a large amount of clothing from our learners and parents, which we distributed to those in need as well as to The JBay Animal Rescue Sanctuary charity shop and The Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic. Some learners opted to donate R5 towards our Caring Kids fund. Thank you to all, for the generous donations.
  • Casual Day – We participated in this year’s Casual Day theme, #icelebratesa by holding a dress-up day – our learner’s love for South Africa was evident in all the bright colours and traditional outfits worn. We collected R6231 which was paid to the NCPD (National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities).
  • Grade R Recycling drive – Our Grade R classes attended their annual talk about the importance of recycling and how they can play a role in looking after our school and the environment. They were very enthusiastic and helped to pick up litter on the school grounds, as well as disposing of recyclable goods in the correct bins.
  • Arbour Day – Our Deputy head-boy and head-girl donated a Wild Olive tree which was planted in front of our school in the presence of all our Grade 7 learners on Spring Day 2022. We look forward to seeing this tradition being upheld. Thank you Stephan and Mienke for your special donation and wonderful initiative.

What can I bring to school for recycling:

Please bring ONLY the following items:

  • Empty cool-drink/juice/energy-drink bottles
  • Empty water bottles
  • Empty cool-drink cans

Please help us to keep our recycling area tidy by not treating it as a place for dumping trash – please place only the above items neatly at the recycling area, opposite the choir room. Don’t forget – we collect bread tags and bread bags. These can be collected in each class and taken to Miss Kennedy.


Die skool is baie betrokke by ons behoeftige leerlinge.  Broodjies word gedurende pouses uitgedeel en elke kind word op sy verjaarsdag bederf met koek en ‘n geskenkie.  Kruideniersware word ook aan sommige huisgesinne gegee.  Kersgeskenke word elke einde van die jaar uitgedeel.  Ons sou dit nie kon doen sonder die hulp van al die kerke, die Rotariërs, asook individue wat ons deur die jaar bystaan in hierdie liefdestaak.  Ons hartlike dank aan almal wat betrokke is.