Computer Studies / Rekenaarstudies

We are currently using the CAMI Educational software, which includes Mathematics,Reading and Language  and the Perceptual Skills Builder software.

CAMI boasts a suite of  highly effective programs.  These programs are the result of the finest academic research combined with state of the art computer technology, available in both English and Afrikaans.

Some of the benefits of the CAMI program include:

  • It is the fastest maths system in the world, enabling students to do more sums per minute than any other system.  Results are provided quickly and accurately. Children who progress quickly are, or become, eager, self-motivated learners.
  • Learners can visit and re-visit concepts not yet fully understood. This gives them the opportunity to master and retain the knowledge needed to further their mathematical learning.
  • The Autopilot feature intelligently adapts the exercise content and difficulty according to the student’s performance.  This ensures that students are given calculations which are challenging yet manageable.
  • Learners progress at their own pace.
  • Students are able to reinforce and test their own understanding while increasing their speed and accuracy in problem solving.
  • Assessments are grade-defined