Ma en mini-sus Netbaldag

Happiness is … a mom and daughter moment.

On the 9th of February we hosted our very first mom and mini-sis netball day. Our u/7 and u/8 girls enjoyed a fun filled day with their moms. We were blessed with amazing weather, a hard working team and enthusiastic mommies and daughters.

Ons hart vir hierdie spesiale dag was om ‘n geleentheid te skep waar ma’s en dogters kwaliteit tyd saam kan spandeer en om terselfdertyd ‘n bietjie oor netbal te leer.

We kicked the day off with fun ice-breaker games where both moms and their daughters had to participate. They thoroughly enjoyed each game and encouraged each other along the way.

Daarna het ons dinamiese strekke en balvaardighede op die bane gedoen. Mamma en sus het saam as ‘n span gewerk en albei se balvaardighede is opgeknap.

After that we took a 20 minute break to enjoy a lovely lunch packet and a well-deserved rest. The mini netball games were to follow.

Die dogtertjies was in spanne opgedeel en elkeen het die geleentheid gekry om verskillende posisies te speel.  Dit skep die geleentheid vir die dogters om die belangrikheid van elke posisie op die baan te verstaan.

Next it was the mommy’s turn to show off her netball skills as the moms played a friendly game or two against one another. The kids really enjoyed seeing their mommies on court as they cheered for them, which encouraged the moms to play at their absolute best. It’s good to place yourself in the children’s shoes to experience all the emotions and excitement that a netball game brings.

We ended the day of with special bonding activities. A photo was taken of each mom and sis which really captured the special moment. After the photo they had their hands painted and the children got to put make–up on their mommies… blindfolded! It was a priceless moment filled with lots of laughter.

Baie dankie aan die ongelooflike netbal afrigters wat hierdie dag moontlik gemaak het;  julle is sterre! Dankie aan elke mamma en sus wat die dag bygewoon het en dit ‘n onvergeetlike dag gemaak het!

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