Jeffreys Bay is known throughout the world for having the best right hand pointbreak surf spot.  We live in a seaside town, where the beach is in walking distance from the school, and the reason we offer surfing as an extramural activity.

The beginner surfers known as Grommets, meet each Monday afternoon if the weather is conducive.  Andrew Moon heads up the Wavecrest Surf School, and takes the role as teacher to the grommets at a cost of R20 a lesson, which includes the use of a surfboard and a wetsuit. In addition, two highly skilled adults assist the children with the lessons, as well as ensuring they are safe.

For the children who are competent in the bigger surf, three serious surfers on the staff accompany them to competitions.

We are looking forward to extending and expanding the surf group in 2019, and surf trips including competitions are in the ‘pipeline!’