Intermediate Phase

Intermediêre Fase

Jeffreys Bay Primary School offers the very best education in the Intermediate Phase

Jeffreys Bay Primary’s main focus has always been on developing and improving on the school’s Academic performance, and thus do everything possible to ensure that each child is catered for. Developing the child in all aspects of their growth and learning, and ultimately preparing them for their future as well-balanced individuals.

The Intermediate phase consists of a contingent of highly qualified teachers, employed for their specific skills in various fields to ensure all children’s needs are met.

The school boasts a plethora of 12 teachers and 3 assistant teachers trained in all intermediate phase academic subjects, specializing in specific majors, including 4 years of child psychology, sport and creative arts.

We have on our staff specially trained remedial teachers, who are utilized in catering for the children finding the main stream rather difficult to cope with.

Yet another aspect of our intermediate phase, are the qualified assistant teachers.  These invaluable staff members are employed annually by the Governing Body to offer additional support to the class teachers, in ensuring that the needs of the slower learners are addressed.

While we realize that academic development is the foundation of what we at Jeffreys Bay Primary offer, we also understand the need for a safe and welcoming environment for your child. One which caters for all aspects of development, understanding that an integral part of education, and fundamental to growth, is your child’s emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being.

With an experienced, hard-working, supportive and determined staff, our Intermediate phase goes beyond meeting the challenges faced during this rather difficult time.  It is a shining beacon of what education should and can achieve.

This is emblazoned in our school motto – ‘Altissima Pete’ – Aim High.